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A Certified Soul Barista. 

Let's talk over coffee ☕️


Welcome to Café Spider 🕸

Ancient wisdom learned from Asian and Western Metaphysics reveals an illuminating blueprint and road map for our business, health, relationships and life.


I meet people over coffee, to show how it can help us utilise divine timing to our advantage and how it can empower us to take charge of our life.


Your first reading comes with '50% off' extended by Café Spider 🕸







'Reading' menu for the repeaters to Café Spider 🕸


  • 15 min

    29 US dollars

  • 40 min

    69 US dollars

  • 1 hr

    99 US dollars



'Class' menu for the future Soul Baristas



All live via Zoom, unless you are in Dubai.

Offer details & prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Non-refundable in case of no-show.

For Readings,

Welcome Specials for the first timer(s) only.

Reschedule 'once' with a 24-hr prior notice. 

Energy reading requires min. 60 mins, due to its complexity. 

For Classes,

Attendee # is limited to max. 5 per class. 

Date you select upon booking is a rough starting date. The exact date & time will be decided, according to attendees' schedule. 


Below is to support the soul baristas at Café Spider 🕸

For your note,

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